Introduction to Article Manager

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The ArticleManager module lets you create dynamic web articles that display your site's content the way -you- want it to be displayed!


NOTE: This is the most up-to-date version of the documentation for this module. Custom articles - each section can look completely different Define your own article and section templates Admins can allow/deny ability to display external pages in an embedded frame Users can add comments to your article Users can view a list of the articles that they have created Articles keep track of how many times they've been viewed Articles can be set to start showing at a future date Articles can expire on specified dates Articles can be viewed in summary format with a link to the full article Multi-page stories with automatic navigation controls! Images can be clickable links with alternate text and photo captions Expired articles can be accessed from a list and re-activated Module settings are easily changeable User-submitted articles can require approval before activation "Also on this site.." Block "Previous n Articles" Block "Most Popular Articles" Block Articles can be set to not show up in the homepage summary listings "Edit Locking" - Only 1 user can edit a page at a time A "News" page that displays all articles according to search or display settings that you control "Email A Friend" Advanced revision tracking & management. Support for auomatic posting via JustBlogIt! ( Support for offline blog editing tools via XML-RPC and the MetaWebLog and Movable Type APIs. Categorized homepage listings Revamped editing screen Basic & Advanced article search dialogs XML Article Export & Import ...and many more!

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Article Manager Demo Article

Article Manager Demo Section

Welcome to Article Manager! This article was automatically generated when you installed Article Manager. If you want to see an overview of the features of this module, check out "Introduction to Article Manager". To get started using Article Manager, proceed to the administrative menu. And most importantly, have fun with it! eloi

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