United States/Mexico Border Exhibitions

Icons and Symbols of the Borderland
August 10 – October 14, 2018

Icons & Symbols of the Borderland features works of art that serve as commentary on memory, ritual, nature, socio-political issues and personal experience around the theme of the United States/Mexico border. It is an exhibition that embodies the landscape and cultural legacy of the borderlands. Mesoamerican, Spanish, Mexican, and Native American elements are blended with the modern American cultural terrain. This exhibition is organized by the Juntos Art Association whose mission is to promote cultural awareness through the arts.

Border Cantos / Sonic Border
August 10 – December 9, 2018
Border Cantos/Sonic Border brings together the sights and sounds of the Mexican-American border through a transformative, multi-sensory experience. This unique collaboration between American photographer Richard Misrach and Mexican American sculptor/composer Guillermo Galindo, uses the power of art to explore and humanize the complex issues surrounding the United States-Mexico border. Misrach, who has photographed the border since 2004, documents landscapes and objects, including things left behind by migrants. Ten, large-scale photographs, along with grids of smaller photos, highlight issues surrounding migration and its effect on regions and people. Responding to these photographs, Galindo fashioned eight sound-generating sculptures from items Misrach collected along the border, such as water bottles, Border Patrol “drag tires,” spent shotgun shells, ladders, and sections of the border wall itself. The sounds produced from Galindo’s four-hour composition give voices to people through the personal belongings they have left behind.



DIANA MOLINA  Corazón Espinado   2015  
Paper collage   50 ½  x 38 inches

CÉSAR MARTÍNEZ  Mona Lupe: The Epitome of Chicano Art  2015  
Digital Print   30 x 22 inches

OSCAR MOYA   Borderline  2016  Acrylic on canvas   30 x 40 inches

Richard Misrach Film Still
Photo courtesy William Hart

RICHARD MISRACH  Wall (El Muro), Jacumba, California  2009   Pigment Print   80 x 106 inches
©  Richard Misrach, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, Pace/MacGill Gallery, 
New York and Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles. 

GUILLERMO GALINDO  Shell Piñata (Piñata de casquillos)  2014  
Sheet Metal and shotgun shell casings  17 x 30 x 30 inches
Courtesy of the artist, photo by Richard Misrach

Guillermo Galindo Performance Still with Effigie  2014  
Photo courtesy Richard Misrach

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